Upcoming Patch & Site/List Info

Upcoming Patch Info

Infant/Growing Together patch arrives in:

As you more than likely already know, the Infant/Growing Together patch arrives on Tuesday, March 14th! This is going to be a mod (and probably even some CC) breaking patch. EP patches are always mod/cc breaking and with the new infant life stage on top of that, it’s going to be pretty bad for mods.

As soon as the patch drops, I will compare the tunings so I can determine which type of mods are broken. So, keep an eye on the Mod List page for this info after the patch releases.

Please be patient with modders during this time. Do NOT put pressure on them to update their mods! Their mods will be updated when they’re ready, asking about it isn’t going to get the updates released any quicker.

⚠️ Mod Status Note

I value my mod list being as close to 100% accurate as possible. Therefore, I will not list anything as Broken unless I know for sure that it is (or confirmed by the creator), no reason to cause unnecessary confusion. However, for this patch you should assume that ALL mods are broken until their status is listed as Compatible or Updated! Even if they’re not officially listed as Broken.

ReminderRecaps are posted every day for patch weeks.

Need Support During Patch Time?

If you need support during patch time (or any time), you can try of these amazing support servers:

However, they will be VERY busy, so please be patient and respectful! Remember, they’re volunteers so be nice!

If your game is causing issues and/or you receive a Last Exception after you update your game, it’s a good idea to remove any mods that are not updated or confirmed compatible for the patch. Then, try your game again before heading to a support server.

Make sure to read the rules BEFORE posting your errors. Also, stick to one channel and one support server (don’t post in both servers, it causes too much confusion and takes time away from others seeking support).

If you’re dropping a Last Exception in Sims After Dark for Bella to read, do keep in mind that she’s a bot programmed by humans, so she doesn’t know ALL errors. If you don’t get an auto-response, wait patiently for a team member to take a look.

💠 Word of the Week: Patience 💠

Site/List Info

ℹ️ Mod List Downtime

The Mod List will unavailable on Tuesday from 8am-10am (Pacific Time) so that I can prepare it for the patch (status resetting, etc). Don’t worry, it will be back up and ready to go when the patch drops.

In preparation for Tuesday’s patch, I’ve made a few tweaks (mostly handy additions) to make everything flow more smoothly and look more clean when navigating on the site.

  • Cleaned up and organized ALL pages.
  • The Filtered Views is now located in the Mod List page and will serve as the default view. You can still access Sorted Views on the main page just as before if you prefer.
  • Added a “Next Patch Arrives In” countdown to the Mod List page for the infant and future patches.
  • Updated the Troubleshooting page to add guides from NeedCoffee4That and amethystlilac.
  • Important Announcements was added to the Important Info block (as shown below). Crucial announcements from other creators and most announcements from me will be posted/linked there and can be found on all Mod List pages:

Final Note

I’m postponing Saturday’s Mod List recap to Monday. This way you can have it as close to the end of the 1.95 patch as possible. Plus get all new mods added.

That should cover everything, if you have any questions feel free to comment below. Happy Simming!

~Scarlet 🌹