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Scarlet’s Broken/Updated Mod List

🚨 Now Tracking: Patch 1.95 (January 31st) 🚨

The current SimsVIP Broken/Updated Mod List for this patch – Check here for Custom Content news and Program updates!

Recent Changes/Updates

View the list of mods that recently received a status change (broken, updated, compatible, etc).

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Maintaining this list is very time consuming, so all support is appreciated. Patron perks include: Ad-Free access to the Mod List and downloadable Mod List summaries.

The Mod List

Choose one of the view options below to view The Mod List (the Google Spreadsheet will no longer be shared, read here for more info).

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Filter the mod list to show only New, Updated, Compatible, Broken, or Obsolete Mods.
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Sort the mod list by Mod Name, Creator, Patch Status, or Last Updated. Does not include Obsolete mods from previous patches.

Submit a Mod Report

Use the Mod Report Form to send me updated, confirmed compatible, or broken mod reports! If you’re reporting an updated or compatible mod, feel free to comment below with the link (if the mod you’re reporting isn’t already in the list). However, please use the form to submit broken mod reports.

Important Info – Please Read Before Using the List!

How this works
  • I do not offer game support! If you need help with your game, I recommend trying one of these support servers:
  • Every patch I will start a new Broken/Updated post at SimsVIP (unless it’s a hotfix patch). All mod statuses (except those set to Broken) will reset back to Unknown.
  • ALL mods (except broken ones) start off as Unknown until the creator confirms compatible, updated, or I receive broken reports. So, just because a mod still says Unknown, it does NOT mean it’s broken. It just means I haven’t seen or received status news on it yet.
  • I do not track patron only mods/updates, I will add them when they’re available to everyone.
  • If a mod is updated for translations only, I only update the Last Known Update column! I don’t change the status unless it’s listed as Unknown.
  • I will continue to update the list as I have time. However, please keep in mind
    • I’m ONE person managing this list and I do have a life outside of it.
    • I don’t edit the list on Sunday’s and U.S. Holidays. Occasionally, I’ll take other days off as needed.
Why your working mod is listed as broken

Ever wonder why there’s a mod set to broken in the list when it “works” for you?

I don’t set mods to broken for the hell of it or for fun. Mods get listed as broken for one (or more) of the following reasons:

  • Causes LastExceptions – Any mod that causes replicable LastExceptions. Some creators may claim the LE’s that their mod causes are harmless, and in some cases they may be correct. However, I’m not sorting through which ones may be safe and which ones aren’t.
  • Includes Numerous Bugs/Glitches – Any mod that has an excessive amount of bugs/glitches. However, if it’s just a few harmless bugs and/or known issues they will not be listed as broken.
  • Breaks (Vanilla) Game Features – Any mod that unintentionally breaks game features.
  • Not Working as Intended – Any mod that doesn’t do what it’s described to do.
  • Confirmed Broken by the Creator.

I test pretty much ALL mods that get reported as broken myself before listing them as broken (except for the ones confirmed by creator). I do all my testing on a new save with only Better Exceptions, Tuning Error Notifier, and XML Injector (since most mods require it) installed. If I can replicate what the broken mod report says, I set it to broken. If not, I leave the status as is.

Also, keep in mind sometimes even if a mod appears to be working, it doesn’t always mean it is (which is why I only accept compatible reports from creators). I’m a modder myself, so I know what to look for and how to check for broken mods even without testing.

Mods/CC that I do NOT track

Mods/CC that I do NOT track at this time include:

  • Custom Content: Including Hair, Makeup, Clothes, Re-colors, Objects (that don’t add new or custom gameplay), Skins, etc.
  • Animations
  • Poses
  • CAS Backgrounds
  • Loading Screens
Excluded Mods/Creators
  • Mods that add rape, pedophilia, or bestiality are banned from this list. This includes all mods by CN (ColonolNutty) and mods from other creators that require any of his files. More detailed info on why CN is bad (thank you TurboDriver!).
  • Creators that steal (or have stolen) other creator’s mods/codes.
  • Creators that have a pirated game. Pirated game files aren’t reliable enough to create and maintain mods.
  • Creators that consistently keep their mods/updates behind a permanent (or more than 3 weeks) paywall.
  • Use all mods at your own risk! I will not be held responsible for any mods that may cause issues, regardless of their status. If you have issues with any of the mods on this list, please report them to their respective creators.
  • Additionally, I will not be held responsible for the content of the mods. Some may include sensitive or triggering content. If I know it does, I will include a warning in the Notes.


  1. Thank you so much for putting in the time & work to do this!! I saw the Townie Sexual Orientation: Fix & Diversity was listed as Unknown & wanted to let you know, in my experience it isn’t working. I tried reinstalling it & everything but my sims keep getting rejected by straight sims & I have that mod set to pansexual. Hopefully they come out with an update soon!

  2. Hi Scarlet TYSM For All the Work You Do For The Community! On Bienchen’s New Site I Keep Getting An Error: 503 Service Unavilable Not Letting Me Download Thier Mods At All

  3. Thank you so much for this!!! Its been super useful. Is there a reason none of Zero’s Mods are listed? I don’t want to submit reports if they’ve been excluded for some reason.

  4. Thank you for the work you do it is appreciated soooooo much. Um the Missing Plumbob Mod The Link is not working anymore.

  5. Hey Scarlet, thank you soooo much for doing this for the whole community, I don’t know how we would safely play without you! 🙂
    I’m trying to find the link that opens google docs directly, so I can use your different filters as needed, is this still available? I couldn’t find the link anymore, only links that keep the xls within the frame of your website.

    1. Sorry forgot to add, why I’m trying to open it in google docs directly: The view that is in the frame of your website is a too small iframe window to see all columns, so it’s quite hard to navigate within it. While your link that opened your list directly on the google docs page was freely resizable and could be expanded and sorted however was needed (for example if I wanted to sort just by mod status to see only the broken mods). Would be great to use this link again if you are happy to make it available again 🙂 Thank youuuu!!


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