The Mod List

This page will be updated with the new mod list when a new patch is released! Please read the Important Info below before using the list.

Scarlet’s Broken/Updated Mod List for Patch 1.91

The current SimsVIP Broken/Updated Mod List for this patch. Check here for Custom Content news and Program updates!

If these Mod Lists help you, consider becoming a patron! Maintaining this list is very time consuming, so I very much appreciate any donation.

Patron perks include: Ad-Free access to the Mod List and downloadable Mod List summaries (which includes all status changes made to the list for each day)!

⚠️ If the google spreadsheet link isn’t working, try back shortly or view the full list here as an embed. ⚠️


Important Info – Please Read!

  • I do not offer game support! If you need help with your game, I recommend trying one of these support servers:
  • Every patch I will start a new Broken/Updated post at SimsVIP (unless it’s a hotfix patch). All mod statuses (except those set to Broken) will reset back to Unknown.
  • I do not track patron only mods/updates, I will add them when they’re available to everyone.
  • If a mod is updated for translations only, I only update the Last Known Update column! I don’t change the status unless it’s listed as Unknown.
  • I will continue to update the list as I have time. However, please keep in mind
    • I’m ONE person managing this list!
    • I have a life outside this list.
    • I don’t edit the list on Sunday’s and U.S. Holidays. Occasionally, I’ll take other days off as needed.

Mods/CC that I do NOT track at this time include:

  • Custom Content: Including Hair, Makeup, Clothes, Re-colors, Objects (that don’t add new or custom gameplay), Skins, etc.
  • Animations
  • CAS Backgrounds
  • Loading Screens