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This page will be updated with the new mod list when a new patch is released!

Scarlet’s Broken/Updated Mod List for Patch 1.89

The current SimsVIP Broken/Updated Mod List for this patch. Check here for Custom Content and Program updates!

If these Mod Lists help you, consider becoming a patron! Maintaining this list is very time consuming, so I very much appreciate any donation. The more support I have, the more time I can spend on it for you.

Patron perks include: Ad-Free access to the Mod List and downloadable Mod List summaries (which includes all status changes made to the list for each day)!

For a better view of the list:
SimsVIP Mod Status List in Google Sheets

If the google spreadsheet link isn’t working, it’s because I’m editing the list (more info here). Try back shortly or view the full list here as an embed.


Check here for live updates as I change them in the list!

How This Works

  • I do not offer game support! If you need help with your game, I recommend trying one of these support servers:
  • Every patch I will start a new Broken/Updated post at SimsVIP (unless it’s a hotfix patch). All mod statuses (except those set to Broken) will reset back to Unknown.
  • I do not track patron only mods/updates, I will add them when they’re available to everyone.
  • I will continue to update the list on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. More details here.

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