The Mod List FAQ

How often is the Mod List updated?

Very frequently! When I am working on the list, I’m in the zone so I don’t stop until I’m caught up with everything.

  • Patch weeks – I update it every day, multiple times a day. Plus, as needed when I receive mod news through reports and emails.
  • Non-patch weeks – Usually at least 1-2 times a day, plus as needed.

I do take days off here and there as well, but only on non-patch weeks.

Why is <insert mod/creator name here> not included in the list?

The Obsolete list often gets overlooked, so check there.

If you still can’t find a mod and/or creator in any of the lists, please use the Mod Submission report form because I don’t add new mods unless they’re submitted/requested to be tracked.

Also, keep in mind that there are a few modders/creators that I don’t track. See Excluded Mods/Creators and the next question below for more details.

Can you tell us exactly why <insert creator name here> is excluded from the mod list?

No, I’m sorry….I don’t tell people exactly why a creator is excluded to avoid drama. More importantly, to protect the ones that I’m not tracking from being bullied or openly trash talked, which WOULD occur if I shared this information. Just because I don’t track them, it doesn’t mean I want them harassed…please respect that. I’m not stopping you from using their mods, I’m just simply not tracking them.

Just to clarify, the only reason I name ColonolNutty is because his mods are so severe and disgusting, that he doesn’t deserve discretion. Plus, the use of his mods will get you an automatic ban from nearly all discord servers (and rightfully so).

With all that said, please don’t assume you know why I don’t track a certain creator. I don’t have “personal beef” with any of them, so please don’t spread false information. Even the ones that I’m not tracking because they were disrespectful, I wouldn’t consider myself having beef with them. They disrespected me, I removed their mods, end of story.

Any word/news on <insert mod name here>?

If there’s no status for the mod, then there’s no word. Please remember, I don’t track CC (Hair, Eyes, Makeup, Skins, Objects, Re-colors, etc). If you’re waiting on an update, please have patience and give creators time.

Why is <insert mod name here> listed as broken when it’s working for me?

If it’s an unconfirmed broken mod that’s working for you, feel free to leave a comment in the Broken Mod Reports [Unconfirmed] spreadsheet to let me know. If the mod in question isn’t listed there, then it’s confirmed broken (either by my testing or from another modder).

Mods get listed as broken for one (or more) of the following reasons:

  • Causes LastExceptions – Any mod that causes replicable LastExceptions. Some creators may claim the LE’s that their mod causes are harmless, and in some cases they may be correct. However, I’m not sorting through which ones may be safe and which ones aren’t.
  • Includes Numerous Bugs/Glitches – Any mod that has an excessive amount of bugs/glitches. However, if it’s just a few harmless bugs and/or known issues they will not be listed as broken.
  • Breaks (Vanilla) Game Features – Any mod that unintentionally breaks game features.
  • Not Working as Intended – Any mod that doesn’t do what it’s described to do.
  • Confirmed Broken by the Creator.

Also, keep in mind sometimes even if a mod appears to be working, it doesn’t always mean it is (which is why I only accept compatible reports from creators). I’m a modder myself, so I know what to look for and how to check for broken mods even without testing.

Why are there not many mods listed in Latest Changes/Updates?

Mods listed there are automatically cleared every Monday between 8am-9am (Pacific Time). The filter is called Latest Changes/Updates for a reason. Other than that, there actually needs to be mod news happening…I can’t very well create it out of thin air lol.

Where’s the spreadsheet link?

The spreadsheet link will no longer be shared. See here for more details.

Why did you move the sorting options to the bottom of the list? (Obsolete)

I’m aware that it’s much more convenient at the top. I don’t change things around for the fun of it though, there’s ALWAYS a reason.

In this case, I had to move them to the bottom because of the way google sheet embeds work. When they were at the top, people were able to access and bookmark the google sheet. I have enough people not reading the instructions when they are right there on the page. Now, imagine how much reading will not be done if everyone goes directly to the google sheet instead.

I did shorten the height of the list embed so you don’t have to scroll to the bottom of the embed to find (and switch between) the sorting options.