Mod Reporting Guidelines & Info

General Guidelines (For ALL Reports)

  • Do NOT send mod reports through comments or DMs, they will be ignored!
  • Please double check that the status in the list isn’t already the same as the report you’re sending (especially during patch weeks).
  • Once you submit a mod report, you can check the View Submitted Reports page to see if it gets added to the list or not.

Compatible Mod Report Guidelines

  • I do NOT list mods as Compatible unless confirmed by the creator (or another trusted modder).

Broken Mod Report Guidelines

  • I will trust the initial broken report and list the mod as Broken ONLY if there’s no status for it AND it’s an acceptable report with detailed info.
  • The Broken status for the mod will NOT be removed until confirmed otherwise by the creator OR another modder/someone I trust tests them properly and lets me know.
    • Modders, you can DM or tag me somewhere to let me know if your mod is falsely listed as Broken and I will take care of it immediately.
  • If the mod you’re reporting as Broken is listed as Updated or Compatible, you will be forwarded to the creator where you can report it to them. The status will not be changed to Broken unless it’s confirmed by the creator (or another trusted tester/modder).

If you’re reporting multiple mods as updated from the same creator, you don’t have to send one report for each. Instead, you can enter “Multiple Mods” in the Mod Name box. For the link, you can link to the website for their mods. However, if they made a post that lists all of their updates, that would be preferred.