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Mod Reporting Guidelines & Info

  • I do NOT list mods as Compatible unless confirmed by the creator (or another trusted modder).
  • Do NOT send mod reports through comments or DMs, they will be ignored! Please use the forms in Submit Mod Report.
  • Please double check that the status in the list isn’t already the same as the report you’re sending (especially during patch weeks).
  • I no longer test every Broken mod report. It’s too tedious and I really don’t have time for it. Things to keep in mind though:
    • I will trust the initial broken report and list the mod as Broken ONLY if it’s listed as Unknown AND it’s an acceptable report with detailed info.
    • The Broken status for the mod will NOT be removed until confirmed otherwise by the creator OR another modder/someone I trust tests them properly and lets me know. Modders, you can DM or tag me somewhere to let me know if your mod is falsely listed as Broken.
    • If the mod you’re reporting as Broken is listed as Updated or Compatible, you will be forwarded to the creator where you can report it to THEM.

Which type of report are you submitting?

🆕 New Mod Submission

New Mod Submission

Keep in mind that if the mod is really old and/or the creator has been inactive for a while it will not be added. Supported mods only please.

Mods/CC that I do NOT track at this time include…

  • Custom Content: Including Hair, Makeup, Clothes, Re-colors, Objects (that don’t add new or custom gameplay), Skins, etc.
  • Animations
  • Poses
  • CAS Backgrounds
  • Loading Screens
Note On Sliders

ALL sliders broke during the Broken/Updated Mods: Werewolves GP Patch!

Therefore, they will NOT be added to the list unless they were updated for that patch. If/when they receive an update, they will be added!

Are you sure the mod isn’t in the list?

PLEASE double-check the list before sending a report to make sure the mod is not already in it. Especially during patch weeks when I’m the busiest.

⚠️ I am now on hiatus until the next Stuff, Game, or Expansion Patch (whichever comes first). Therefore, after March 31st I can’t guarantee mod statuses are correct, check my Mod Status Hunting Tips to check your mods. The New Mod form will remain open, so please use the form when a new mod releases to ensure it’s added to the list when I return, the rest of the forms will be closed until I return. Take care!

Submitted Reports

Once you submit a report, you can view the status of it below (if it was added to the list or not). Please allow 5-10 minutes for the report to show up. All reports are appreciated!

If there’s a lot of reports, I sometimes hide older ones. So, if you don’t see yours, that’s likely why (I still have it though). However, if you notice it missing within 24 hours of sending it and it was there before, it was removed because it’s a mod/creator that I do not track (check Important Info – Excluded Mods/Creators).