STOP! I’m STILL on Hiatus

I feel like I shouldn’t have to say this because I thought I made it pretty clear that I’m not returning until the next Stuff, Game, or Expansion pack patch. However, due to recent feedback/messages, apparently I do!

Again, I am on hiatus until the next Stuff, Game, or Expansion pack patch….which yesterday’s patch was NOT! If I continue receiving messages demanding my return for each patch, I will not return at all.

Just because I’m on hiatus from the mod list, doesn’t mean I don’t follow news and know when a patch releases. I knew it was coming about a week in advance. I don’t need numerous messages telling me to come back every time a small patch releases.

That said, I did take a little time to patch proof the mod list as much as I could that way you can still use it even when I’m not active. Changes include:

  • There are no longer Unknown statuses. Any mod that is unknown will just be blank. All mod statuses (except for the ones that are still broken of course) are now reset.
  • New status: Check Mod Link. Any modders that have their own mod tracking pages will have their mods listed as ♦♦ All Mods ♦♦ (which links to their status page) and the status will always be Check Mod Link.
  • All Last Known Update dates have been reset (except for mods listed as broken). From now on all dates will be reset for each patch and only be entered when the patch status is listed as Updated. This is to ensure more accuracy even when I’m on a break.
  • Mods that became Obsolete with yesterday’s patch are now listed as Obsolete in the list.

These changes are permanent and will help me take breaks when I need to.



  1. onyxangel22 Avatar

    You keep on enjoyoing your break! its much needed. <3

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