SimsVIP Mod List Changes

Hey everyone! I’ve made a few changes to the Mod List….

  • General Mods tab renamed to Mod List
  • Harvestables & Recipes tab has been removed. Everything that was in this tab has been moved to the Mod List tab with a few changes:
    • Most of them are no longer listed individually. Creators with pages that include all of their recipes and/or harvestables now have one entry in the list linked to their list.

      I will still share retweet/reblog them on my Twitter/Tumblr, so make sure to follow me there.

      The reason for this change is that recipes and harvestables rarely break and when/if they do, they all will. So, one entry for each creator is good enough to track.

  • NEW Mod Type added:
    • Food/Drink – Food/Drink recipes, ingredients, and edible foods.

Original Mod Types:

  • General – Most mods will be considered General unless they fall into another type. Mods that fall into multiple types will also be listed as General.
  • Object – New functional objects. Any mod that adds a new object to the build/buy catalog that adds new functional interactions, buffs, etc.
  • Event – Custom Events.
  • Career – Custom Careers and afterschool activities (anything that you join via the Career/Household phone option). Note – Does NOT include Odd Jobs, you’ll find those in General!
  • Trait – Custom Traits (Includes CAS and Reward traits).
  • Aspiration – Custom Aspirations.
  • Harvestable – Custom seeds that add new harvestables.

More types may be added later as the game progresses and new mods are released. These Mod Type descriptions were added to the Info tab.

Take care,


Scarlet's Realm