SimsVIP Mod List Changelog for September 13th-16th + Patch Info

List edits for September 13th-16th are now complete! Mod changes include:

⬆️Updates from AJ Nebula, chingyu1023, Icemunmun, thepancake1/MizoreYukii, weerbesu, and more!
Confirmed compatibility from cyclelegs, Enkidu, MuvaSimmer, TwistedMexi, and more!
🆕New mods from chingyu1023, Serra (xosdr), Somik and Severinka, and thunder1143!

For links to these mods and to see the rest of the changes for this recap, click the Latest Changes/Updates tab (see screenshot below) in the Mod List ⤵️

NOTE – The mods listed in this recap will only remain on the Latest Changes/Updates tab until I start editing the list again!

Patch Info

You may have already noticed that I didn’t reset statuses for the patch on Tuesday (September 13th)! It was a very small baby patch. So, I decided not to reset them since it’s still 1.91 and it didn’t disable mods! Additionally, I checked what changed in the XML tunings and decided that there wasn’t enough changes (barely any in fact) for me to justify resetting all of them.

Any mods that were updated specifically for the September 13th patch, wouldn’t have been game breaking. Also, keep in mind that lot of mods are also still being updated for previous patches and new features.

It should also be noted that since I didn’t reset statuses, I’m not re-reporting compatible mods. I’m only reporting compatible statuses if they were NOT confirmed for the August 30th 1.91 patch.

~Scarlet 🌹