SimsVIP Mod List Changelog for October 29th-31st + CC News

There’s going to be a patch tomorrow, so I’m releasing this earlier than usual so I can prep the list for it. 

Reminder – If the patch remains 1.92, statuses will NOT be reset.

List edits for October 29th-31st are now complete! Mod changes include:

Broken mods to remove from maplebell.
⬆️Updates from Icemunmun, KiaraSims4Mods, Lily-Valley, QMBiBi, simsmodelsimmer, Somik and Severinka, and more.
🆕New mods from Balkanika, baniduhaine, LittleMsSam, maplebell, QMBiBi, rainbow quartz, and more!

For links to these mods and to see the rest of today’s changes, click the VIEW RECENT CHANGES/UPDATES button below (sorted by mod name)⤵️

NOTE – The mods listed in this recap will only remain on the Recent Changes/Updates page until I start editing the list for the next recap (usually within 12-24 hours).

Custom Content News

Loading Screens (with custom spinning plumbobs) – Broken UI when placing lots/rooms from the Gallery to an empty lot.
Info from 20th Century Plumbob

Note – This means that ALL loading screens that include custom spinning plumbobs are affected, not just 20th Century Plumbob’s because they all use the same resources and edit the same files. However, if the plumbobs are default then they should be fine.

~Scarlet 🌹