SimsVIP Mod List Changelog for November 1st + Info

List edits for November 1st are now complete! Mod changes include:

Obsolete mod to remove from Lot 51. Broken Mods (reminder from previous patches) to remove from Bienchen.
⬆️Updates from CosmicZephyrus & LittleMsSam.
Confirmed compatibility from many modders.
🆕New mods from ChippedSim & Kuttoe.

Reminder + Patch Info

Reminder – ALL mods (except broken ones) start off as Unknown for each patch until the creator confirms compatible, updated, or I receive broken reports. So, just because a mod still says Unknown, it does NOT mean it’s broken. It just means I haven’t seen or received status news on it yet.

After checking the XML changes from the patch, most (if not pretty much all) mods should be ok. Alas, I still have to wait for creator confirmations just to be on the safe side.



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