SimsVIP Mod List Changelog for August 30th + Other News

List edits for August 30th are now complete! Mod changes include:

Broken mods to remove from thepancake1/ MizoreYukii, TwistedMexi, weerbesu, and more!
⬆️Updates from KingZace, LittleMsSam, Rheall, weerbesu, and more!
Confirmed compatibility from a lot of modders! (Patch didn’t really break much, mostly just UI mods)
🆕New mods from Kuttoe & thunder1143!

In Other News

Over the past several weeks I’ve been making changes to the list! You may have already noticed some of these changes….

List Changes (in Google Sheets) include:

  • Removed the Mod Type column
    • Less columns, less confusion…going back to simple. Since I removed the column I added “Trait”, “Aspiration”, “Career”, etc to numerous Mod Names to show what type they are.
  • Removed New Mods tab.
    • New mods will now be added to the main list at the end of the day! They’ll be listed as New in the Mod Status column (until they’re updated).
  • Added Programs/Overhauls tab to the Mod List.
  • Changes to Filter Views (Data > Filter Views) include:
    • Added Recent Changes
      • Use this filter if you want to see the most recent status changes made to the list. This is sorted by creator.
    • Added Sort By Update Date
      • Sort mods by Last Known Update, newest to oldest.
    • Removed the “Show only” filters (Aspirations, Careers, Events, Etc.)
      • No point in having it since I removed the Mod Type column.

Other changes:

No longer posting Custom Content updates. It’s too time consuming and I’d rather focus on mods. However, I’ll still post info on what type of CC is broken and when/if batch fixes are released on the SimsVIP posts.

That’s all I can think of for right now. If you have any questions, feel free to ask!

I’m sorry for all these changes, I’m not doing it for the hell of it or out of boredom. Unfortunately, things just end up not flowing or working the way I initially intended it to. It just takes trial & error to see what works best. I promise, we’ll get there though!

~Scarlet 🌹

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