Returning for Next Patch + Important Changes/Announcements

Hey friends! Just wanted to let you know that I’ll be returning to the mod list for the next patch, and word is it’s coming on Tuesday!

I’m happy to say that this hiatus has rejuvenated me, so I’m ready to go! Mod report forms will re-open when the patch arrives.

Mod List Revamp

I’ve made many changes to the Mod List on Scarlet’s Realm. You can read up on all of these here:Β 

Patron Billing to Resume

Conveniently, patron billing is set to resume tomorrow. So, since I’m returning on Tuesday, I won’t be re-pausing it.

Patron Changelog Changes

  • Changelogs will now be available to download anytime, but it resets every Monday. So, mods listed there one week, won’t be there the next (unless they get updated again).
  • Since the link will change for each patch, The Mod List: Patron Edition (pinned post) will always include the current changelog sheet.
  • When I’m done editing each Saturday, I’ll send out a recap post with a reminder to download it before Monday.

Thank you for sticking by me even through the hiatus! See you for the next patch!

~Scarlet 🌹

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  1. I appreciate your hard work and wish I had the resources to support you financially. The time and effort you put into these lists is incredible and very much a credit to the positive, helpful souls in the Sims community. I’ve not updated for a few patches for health reasons so missed your hiatus-I’m happy you got a break and are refreshed! Thank you and sending happy thoughts to you and your family!!

    • Oh no, no worries! Kind words like this is appreciated just as much, if not more! Thank you very much!

      I hope you’re doing better! And I wish you and your family the very best as well! ❀

  2. Thank you! I am sorry you are getting to “enjoy” this part of SM. One of the drawbacks is that everyone thinks that everyone wants to hear their opinions. I hope you are taking the good and putting the bad out of your mind. Your community thanks you for your generosity in sharing your list <3

    • Thank you! And yes I absolutely try to focus on the good part of the community. Unfortunately, the negative parts creep up and push my buttons sometimes lol. I appreciate your kindness! πŸ™‚