List edits for January 29th-30th are now complete! Mod changes include:

⬆️Updates from JaneSimsten, KawaiiStacie, LittleMsSam, MissyHissy, simsmodelsimmer, and TianaSims.
🆕New mods from midnitetech, MuvaSimmer, ONI, SayHeyyyMsZoey, Scipio Garling, SrslySims, and Tralfaz482.

For links to these mods and to see the rest of the changes for this recap, click the Latest Changes/Updates tab (see screenshot below) in the Mod List ⤵️

NOTE – The mods listed in this recap will only remain on the Latest Changes/Updates tab until I start editing the list again!

On a side note – There’s going to be a patch tomorrow and I believe it’s going to be the big one, so prepare yourselves!

Mod List News

I’ve removed all of Sacrificial’s mods from the list. I will no longer be tracking them, even if they get updated properly. I felt disrespected and blamed with an announcement that was made last night in his discord. I’m not going to post it because I spoke with Onyx about it and it was straightened out. She apologized to me both in private and in the announcement channel.

However, right after the public apology, Sac replied (in the announcement channel, btw) telling her there was nothing wrong with it and that it was professional and respectful. Clearly it wasn’t when I felt disrespected from it. It’s not just me being overly sensitive about it because other people messaged me about it before I even saw it and thought the same way I did.

So, since he dismissed my feelings and basically negated that apology, his mods are now dismissed from my list. Use them at your own risk.

Onyx, I appreciate that you apologized and tried to make it right and for what it’s worth, you did until that reply.

Please do not leave any disrespectful comments about anyone that was involved, here or anywhere else. This will not be progressing any further and I will make no further comments on it. The only reason I explained what happened at all is because I felt that I should give an explanation as to why I’m no longer tracking a modder that doesn’t fall into anything listed in the Excluded Mods/Creators list.

~Scarlet 🌹


  1. Your wonderful Scarlet. Don’t let others tell you otherwise and love your mods checklist. I always try to check your list everytime you put one out and it helps my game so much.

  2. Hi Scarlet, just to say I think you do amazing work with this list. I totally rely on it to keep my heavily modded game working. I try and encourage others to check in as I do, not just when there is a patch, but regularly. I honestly think there would be so many more broken games if it wasnt for you list. Keep up the good work and thank you.