Personalized Mod List Info & Instructions

Important Info/Guidelines

  • Personalized mod lists will be shared to you as a google sheet (therefore a google account is required). I’ll be the only other one with access to it (to keep it maintained and working).
  • The personalized list will NOT be downloadable.
  • If/when you cancel your Pink Diamond Tier membership (or change tiers) your Personalized Mod List will immediately re-open for the next person (unfortunately, I can only maintain up to 10 Personalized Mod Lists at this time). So, please make sure you’re ready to part ways with your mod list before you cancel.
  • Same rules/guidelines for the Mod List also apply to personalized mod lists. Therefore, you can only select mods that are in the main Mod List.

Getting Started with your Personalized Mod List

Here’s how the Personalized Mod Lists work:

1. Once you become a Pink Diamond member, you’ll need to send me a message on Patreon with your email address that’s connected to your google account.

2. When your mod list is ready, I’ll message you with the following (usually within an hour, but please allow up to 24 hours after messaging me):

  • Your Mod Chooser google sheet – To select/deselect mods for your Personalized Mod List.
  • Your Personalized Mod List  google sheet – Your actual mod list that you’re here for.

3. Once you receive your google sheets, you’ll need to select all of the Mods you use/would like tracked in the Mod Chooser sheet:

→ You can double check the mods you checked off by selecting the Your Mods filter view (select Data > Filter Views > Your Mods):

4. All of the mods that you select in the Mod Chooser sheet will automatically appear in your Personalized Mod List when you check it (and disappear when you uncheck it):

→ All Personalized Mod Lists include these Filter views:

Additional Info

  • New mods are added every Saturday. While I’m adding new mods, your mod list may show mods that aren’t supposed to be there and hide some that aren’t. That’s normal and will only be for a few minutes.
  • You’re free to check/uncheck mods you want tracked in your Mod Chooser sheet at anytime and your mod list will automatically apply the changes.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask!

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