New Status Clarification

There’s been some confusion with the new ‘Check Mod Link‘ status. I’ll admit when I first added it, I wasn’t 100% sure how (or if) I was going to track these mods. So, a lot of the confusion falls on me. So, going forward…

  • Check Mod Link renamed to Check Here to make more sense.
    Mod Status Description (updated in the Mod Status Key) – Click on Check Here to visit the modder’s own mod status page where you can find the most accurate status for the mod.
  • Check Here will be the default status for all creators that have their own mod trackers.
    → The only time this status will change is if the mod is Updated or Broken.
    → If the mod is confirmed Compatible, the status will stay at Check Here. However, I’ll make a note that it’s compatible in the Notes column.
  • The links in the Mod Name column for these mods will remain linked to the creator’s mod status page. However, if the status page doesn’t have links to the mod, then the mod will be linked to the mod (or mod index) page.

Hopefully, this clears everything up. However, if you have any questions please feel free to leave a comment below!

One Additional Change

  • Removed See Notes status – You’ll see the notes if they’re there, you don’t need a status to tell you to read them lol. I usually only used this status if I didn’t feel comfortable changing it to anything else. So, from now on if I don’t feel comfortable listing a mod as any other status, I won’t (it will remain empty with a note to the side).

Happy Simming, have a great day!

~Scarlet 🌹

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