Mod Submission

🔎 Can’t find a mod in the list? Use this form to submit it to be tracked. Please make sure the mod you’re submitting isn’t already in the Mod List (or Obsolete Mods).

Mods/CC that I do NOT track

  • Custom Content Including: Hair, Makeup, Clothes, Re-colors, Objects (that don’t add new or custom gameplay), Skins, etc.
  • Animations
  • Poses
  • CAS Backgrounds
  • Loading Screens
  • Mod Translations (Stand Alone Versions) – the status for these would be the same as the actual mod, so no reason for me to track them.
  • Excluded Mods/Creators (see more info below)
Excluded Mods/Creators [Click to Show/Hide]

Excluded Mods/Creators + How They Can Be Added Back

Unfortunately, there are some creators that I do not feel comfortable tracking. However, please keep in mind that just because I don’t track them, it doesn’t mean I have beef with them. I have no ill-feelings towards any of them, so please stop spreading that misinformation around. With that being said, I do not track the following:

  • Mods that add rape, pedophilia, or bestiality are banned. This includes all mods by CN (ColonolNutty) and mods from other creators that require any of his files. More detailed info on why CN is bad (thank you TurboDriver!).
    • Permanently banned, will never be added to the list.

  • Creators that steal (or have stolen) other creator’s mods/codes.
    • Can be added back if they stop stealing and publicly apologize to those that they stole from. Although trust would have to be built back up before they’re added back.

  • Creators that have a pirated game. This is not a moral reason, I don’t care that deeply. Unfortunately, pirated game files aren’t reliable enough to create and maintain mods. They’ve been proven to cause issues.
    • Can be added back if it’s proven they no longer pirate.

  • Creators that consistently keep their mods/updates behind a permanent (or more than 3 weeks) paywall.
  • Creators that consistently put out poor quality mods (always causing LE’s, extremely bad bugs/glitches, etc….even when updated).
    • Can be added back when/if they improve.

  • Creators that are rude/disrespectful to me.
    • Can be added back if I receive a genuine apology.

ℹ️ Mod submissions are added to the Mod List every Saturday.

This form is to submit mods that are NOT already in the list. If you want to report a mod as broken, updated, or compatiblethen please use this form instead.