Mod List Recap [Postponed] + Personalized Mod List Info

Hey friends!

Since the Stuff pack patch is releasing on Tuesday, I’m going to postpone the Mod List Recap post until Monday so I can fit all changes I can in before the patch. Don’t worry, changelogs won’t reset until Tuesday (about an hour or two before patch release).

Personalized Mod List Info

Unfortunately, it’s not possible to make the Pink Diamond Tier (with personalized mod lists) work the way I need it to (I had the tier image ready and everything😞).

For obvious reasons, it needs to be limited, which I can do on Patreon. However, if a patron cancels mid-patch, how am I supposed to handle that? I would have to at least let them continue using it for the rest of the patch (I wouldn’t feel right otherwise). The problem with that is their spot will become available, so I’ll have an additional mod list to keep maintained. It would just be way to chaotic and confusing for me to keep everything organized.

→ So, to offer personalized mod lists, I’ve opened a Ko-Fi. This way, I can do them on a per patch basis as commissions.


  • Price: $10 per patch.
  • Limited slots available (no more than 10 per patch).
  • Commissions will become available no more than 7 days prior to patch day (so I can have everyone’s ready to go when the patch drops).
  • Commissions will close 7 days after patch release.
  • Personalized mod lists will be shared to you as a google sheet (therefore you’ll need a google account). I’ll be the only other one with access to it (to keep it maintained and working).
  • The personalized list will NOT be downloadable.
  • You’ll have access to your personalized mod list only for the patch you purchase it for. However, if a hotfix patch is released during the patch you paid for, it will be included.
  • Same rules/guidelines for The Mod List also apply to personalized mod lists.
  • Additional detailed info can be found here.

I really wish I could’ve made this work as a Patreon Tier, but unfortunately it’s just not a viable option at this time.

Commissions are now open for Personalized Mod Lists! There’s only 5 slots available right now, but I’ll probably open up 5 more before patch if needed. Please read the Personalized Mod List Info & Instructions post carefully before purchasing.

As always, if you have any questions, feel free to ask!

~Scarlet 🌹


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