Mod List Recap for September 17th-25th + News

Hey there Simmers! Mod List edits for September 17th-25th are now complete! This is the last recap for Patch 1.100, so no further list edits will be made to the Mod List until after the new patch tomorrow!

Mod changes for this week include:

  • Broken/Obsolete Mods to remove from Crilender & LiLChillyPepper
  • Confirmed Compatibility from LiLChillyPepper & lotharihoe
  • ⬆️ Updates from AlainBM, Andirz, Balkanika, Bienchen (sims4me), Icemunmun, Insimnia, LittleMsSam, NeedCoffee4That, and more!
  • 🆕 New Mods from Awwoo56709, baniduhaine, Lily-Valley, plumlace, SpinningPlumbobs, Waffle’s Mix-Ins, and more!

Patrons can view and download the complete list of this week’s changes in the Weekly (All Tiers) or Daily Mod List Changelog (Ruby+ Tiers).

  • Not a patron? You can still view the complete list of this week’s changes by selecting Latest Changes/Updates in the Mod List Edition of your choice!

ℹ️ Important Notes

  • The mods listed in Daily/Weekly Mod List Changelogs and Latest Changes/Updates normally reset every Monday!  However, since there’s a patch tomorrow, they will reset 1-2 hours before the patch releases. All changes made after that will be for the new patch.
  • Even though recaps are only posted once a week, the Mod List is actually updated daily. So, if you don’t want to wait for these weekly recaps, you can still view the Daily/Weekly Mod List Changelogs and Latest Changes/Updates any time during the week.
  • Did I miss any mod news this week? Submit a Mod Report to send me updated, confirmed compatible, and/or broken mod reports!
  • Can’t find a mod in the list? Feel free to use the Mod Submission form to submit it to be tracked.

📰 Mod List & Patron News

Mod List News – New status Early Access is now included in the list. This is for new mods only that are still in Early Access. The Notes will have the public release date (if known). The status hasn’t been added to the Mod Status Keys yet, I’ll get it added as soon as I can though.

Note – Early Access updates, will still NOT be tracked (and never will be, not trying to track multiple versions of the same mod lol).

Patron News – You may have noticed some things moving around here on my Patreon and weird new posts being added lol. I’ve added two new collections (since the tag system no longer work how it used to):

  • Weekly Recaps (you know what these are by now)
  • Discount Codes – This is for new perks that was added for each tier:
    Emerald Tier: 10% off Discount Code for a Personalized Mod List
    Ruby Tier: 20% off Discount Code for a Personalized Mod List
    Diamond Tier: 50% off Discount Code for a Personalized Mod List

Each tier has their own post with their own different code.

I’m giving all my patrons discount codes for the Personalized Mod Lists to cover one month of their Patreon subscriptions. That way if you’re a patron and want to commission for one, you can do so without feeling like you have to choose. You don’t have to redeem the code of course, but the option is there if you want it.

If you’re a patron and already purchased one before I enabled these discount codes, feel free to message me and I’ll refund you for one month instead.

Note for Ruby+ Tiers – If you’re having issues with the [Daily] Mod List Changelog, open it in the Google Sheets instead, it’s been a little wonky lately. You may have to refresh the changelog in the google sheet as well to show all changes.

You know, I really hope you all love reading because I swear I write a book every time I post lol. Anyways, as always thank you so much for your support! Happy Simming and have a great day/night! See you for the patch tomorrow/later today (for some of you)!

~Scarlet 🌹


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