Mod List Recap for October 1st-7th

Hey there Simmers! Mod List edits for October 1st-7th are now complete!

Mod changes for this week include:

  • Broken/Obsolete Mods to remove from Brazen Lotus & SimplifiedModding.
  • Confirmed Compatibility from Amellce, bessy, Bienchen, lazarusinashes, Scumbumbo Team, and more!
  • ⬆️ Updates from AlainBM, Amellce, Andirz, bessy, Bienchen, Littlbowbub, ONI, Ravasheen, SimRealist, TianaSims, and more!
  • 🆕 New Mods from BosseladyTV, Lily-Valley, Kuttoe, LittleMsSam, SimplifiedModding, and more!

Patrons can view and download the complete list of this week’s changes in the Weekly (All Tiers) or Daily Mod List Changelog (Ruby+ Tiers).

  • Not a patron? You can still view the complete list of this week’s changes by selecting Latest Changes/Updates in the Mod List Edition of your choice!

ℹ️ Important Notes

  • The mods listed in Daily/Weekly Mod List Changelogs and Latest Changes/Updates automatically reset every Monday (between 8-9am Pacific Time)!  So, remember to check/download before it resets because mods listed there now will NOT be there after Monday (unless of course the status changes again).
  • Even though recaps are only posted once a week, the Mod List is actually updated daily. So, if you don’t want to wait for these weekly recaps, you can still view the Daily/Weekly Mod List Changelogs and Latest Changes/Updates any time during the week.
  • Did I miss any mod news this week? Submit a Mod Report to send me updated, confirmed compatible, and/or broken mod reports!
  • Cant find a mod in the list? Feel free to use the Mod Submission form to submit it to be tracked.

Thank you so much for your support! Happy Simming and have a great day!

~Scarlet 🌹


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