Mod List Recap for March 5th-13th + Patch Info/Countdown

List edits for March 5th-13th are now complete! Mod changes include:

Broken/Obsolete mods to remove from spgm69.
⬆️Updates from Andirz, Bienchen (sims4me), Brazen Lotus, BrickLion, helaene, Icemunmun, Insimnia, JaneSimsten, KiaraSims4Mods, Kuttoe, Lumpinou, Midiar (MD Sims), MizoreYukii, and more!
🆕New mods from Balkanika, BosseladyTV, Cepzid With Hakrabr, LeRoiDeTout, LittleMsSam, LittleRedSonja, SayHeyyyMsZoey, SrslySims, TwistedMexi, WICKED PIXXEL, and more!

For links to these mods and to see the rest of this week’s changes, click the VIEW RECENT CHANGES/UPDATES button below (sorted by mod name)⤵️

NOTE – The mods listed in this recap will only remain on the Recent Changes/Updates page until Tuesday at 8am Pacific time.

Patch Info

🚨 Mod/CC Warning 🚨

It should be assumed that all mods/cc are broken until updated or confirmed compatible.

As you know, the Infant/Growing Together Patch arrives tomorrow (Countdown + More Info)! You have three choices:

  • Update and play vanilla (move your Mods folder out of your Sims 4 folder) until all of your must-have mods are updated/cleared for the patch. Do NOT add mods back to your game until updated or confirmed compatible.
  • Disable automatic updates and play offline until your must-haves are updated/cleared.
  • Play another game or do something else for a few days 😆.

Friendly Reminders

• Be patient while waiting for mod updates. Do NOT put pressure on modders to update their mods!
• Mod updates on Curseforge will take a day or two extra to be published because they need approval.
• The Mod Lists will unavailable on Tuesday from 8am-10am (Pacific Time) so that I can prepare it for the patch (status resetting, etc). However, it will be back up and ready to go when the patch drops.

~Scarlet 🌹