Mod List Recap for March 26th-31st + Hiatus Reminder

List edits for March 26th-31st are now complete! Mod changes include:

Broken/Obsolete mods to remove from Bienchen, BosseladyTV, DaleRune, KiaraSims4Mods, QMBiBi, and Ravasheen.

Confirmed compatibility from alisrabbo, HexeSims, Menaceman44, PolarBearSims, TURBODRIVER, Vicky Sims (chingyu1023), weerbesu, and Zerbu.

⬆️Updates from Andirz, BosseladyTV, ChippedSim, Grumpy, Kuttoe, lazarusinashes, Lumpinou, MizoreYukii, MSQSims, MythicalAscelin, PandaSama, QMBiBi, Simularity, SrslySims, and more!

🆕New mods from BosseladyTV, Cepzid, LittleRedSonja, Lumpinou, MSQSims, plumlace, and more!

For links to these mods and to see the rest of the changes for this recap, click the Latest Changes/Updates tab (see screenshot below) in the Mod List ⤵️

Hiatus Reminder

ℹ️ I am now on hiatus! So, this is the last recap until the next Stuff, Game, or Expansion Patch (whichever comes first). Therefore, after today I can’t guarantee mod statuses are correct, check my Mod Status Hunting Tips to check your mods. The New Mod form will remain open, so please use the form when a new mod releases to ensure it’s added to the list when I return, the rest of the forms will be closed. Take care!

~Scarlet 🌹