Mod List Recap for February 19th-25th

List edits for February 19th-25th are now complete! Mod changes include:

Confirmed compatibility from Rolwen and SimplyAnjuta. Plus, all map replacements confirmed compatible by Scarlet (as long as they were uploaded/updated after the July 26th patch).
⬆️ Updates from Amellce, Aramiteus, Brazen Lotus, Insimnia, Littlbowbub, LittleMsSam, Lot 51, Mirai, ONI, PandaSama, plumlace, Simularity, SrslySims, thepancake1 and MizoreYukii, and more!
🆕 New mods from BeautifulLache, BosseladyTV, LittleRedSonja, WICKED PIXXEL, and more!

For links to these mods and to see the rest of the changes for this recap, click the Latest Changes/Updates tab (see screenshot below) in the Mod List ⤵️

NOTE – The mods listed in this recap will only remain on the Latest Changes/Updates tab until I start editing the list again!