Mod List News – February ’23

Schedule Change

The list editing schedule I have now hasn’t really been working for me. I usually have a lot of real life things happening on Wednesdays & Fridays. So, the following schedule will go into effect immediately (does not apply to patch weeks):

  • OFF Days: Wednesdays and Sundays – These are my complete days off, so no list edits will be made on these days. Any mod updates posted on these days will not be updated in the list until the following day.
  • Recaps – Recaps will no longer be posted every other day. Instead they will be posted every Saturday between 6pm-8pm Pacific time.
  • Downloadable Mod List Changelogs (Patrons Only) – Changelogs will be released every Tuesday and Saturday. Mod List Changelog posts will automatically go out at 9am Pacific time every Monday. However, the download still won’t be available until Tuesday.

Patch week schedule

Recaps and Patron Changelogs will be released everyday from patch day until Saturday (no days off unless necessary).

Important Notes

  • List edits are also not made on most holidays (including birthdays/anniversaries). If a holiday falls on a Saturday, then the recap will be released on the Friday before.
  • Recent Changes/Updates – Since the recaps are now once a week, mods listed in this page will now automatically be reset each Monday at 8am Pacific. Patch weeks it will reset Tuesday – Saturday at 8am.

Submitting Mod Reports

Please use the new Submit Mod Reports page to submit all of your mod reports. Please do NOT send reports through comments or DMs (unless you’re the creator), especially broken mod reports. There’s too many factors to consider when reporting a mod as broken, the form covers these, so please use it.

I believe that covers everything. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to comment below!

~Scarlet 🌹

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