Mod List Changelog

To view today’s changelog:

  • Open the Mod List in Google Sheets
  • Click Data > Filter Views > Recent Changes (as shown below)

Why was the Mod List Changelog removed from the page?

Due to an overwhelming amount of confusion this page is causing, I’ve decided to remove the embed for the Mod List Changelog. There are too many people believing this was the full list despite it saying in big bold letters:

The list on this page includes recent changes only! The full mod list can be found here!

As a result of the confusion, I’m getting too many New Mod submissions to sort through. I’ll be doing some site maintenance over the next few days to accommodate this change and make navigating more user friendly.

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  1. NeciJustin Powell says:

    Thank you so much Scarlet!!!! It’s not so bad using the filter views to find the most recent changes. ❤

    Liked by 1 person

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