List edits for January 17th are now complete! Mod changes include:

Obsolete mod to remove from LittleMsSam.
⬆️Updates from Gauntlet101010, Kuttoe, LittleMsSam, Lumpinou, Serra (xosdr), and thunder1143
Confirmed compatibility from several modders!
🆕New mod from NateTheL0ser.

For links to these mods and to see the rest of the changes for this recap, click the Latest Changes/Updates tab (see screenshot below) in the Mod List ⤵️

NOTE – The mods listed in this recap will only remain on the Latest Changes/Updates tab until I start editing the list again!

~Scarlet 🌹


  1. Broken mod according to Better Exceptions:
    [KawaiiStacie] My Appearance\[KawaiiStacie] My Appearance Changes Mod.package

    1. I confirmed Supernatural Traits by Space Ace broken when it was released, so that’s been set to broken. I checked the rest, with Snowii’s trait, those are just a few minor tuning errors nothing to worry about. I didn’t get anything from KawaiiStacie’s mods, so you may have an outdated version of Slice of Life.

      In the future, please submit reports using the Submit Mod Report in the navigation bar.

      1. Thank you for your quick reply ! I will look for the latest version of Slice of Life. In the future, I will submit reports using the “Submit Change Report” button in the navigation bar, as you requested.

        1. You’re welcome and thank you! Updated and confirmed compatible mods are ok to report in comments, but broken mods have so many factors to consider (like testing alone, mod version installed, etc) and the report form covers those 🙂