Introducing Mod List Editions

Hey there everyone, I hope you’re all doing well!

I’m sure you’ve already noticed a few changes I’ve made to the Mod List page, but I’ll still go over the main ones:

  • The actual mod list is no longer directly on the Mod List page. Instead there’s different Mod List Editions for you to choose from now:
  • NSFW mods are no longer on their own page. They’re now included in the SFW + NSFW and Patron Editions. The SFW Only Edition just excludes them.
    • This will work better so you don’t have to check two different mod lists. Plus, it works better for me as well because I kept forgetting to go to the separate sheet for creator confirmations lol.

When sharing the list with others, I recommend to still share the main Mod List page so people can see all of the options and choose which one is best for them.

Over the next few days, I’ll also be organizing/tweaking the navigation bar to make everything easier to find (hopefully).

I think that covers everything! So, take care and have a wonderful weekend!

~Scarlet 🌹

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