Hey everyone,

I’m going to take a break from the Mod List starting Saturday, April 1st until the next Stuff, Game, or Expansion Patch (whichever comes first). No, this isn’t an April Fool’s Joke, I just wanted my last day to be right before the 1st so I can pause Patreon billing before my patrons start getting charged. The last recap will be posted sometime on Friday.

This isn’t because of anything anyone has said or done, I just want to make that clear so no one blames anyone.

To be honest, I’m mentally drained and constantly irritable. I don’t even recognize myself anymore. I need a serious recharge and some ME time. Unfortunately, I can’t just take a week or two off because then I’d have way too much to catch up on which would probably put me right back to my current state.

I didn’t come to this decision lightly. I really wanted to tough it out until the end of Sims 4, but there’s no end in sight. I really feel awful because I know so many of you rely on this, but I need to put myself first for a little while if I’m going to stick with this until the end of Sims 4.

I promise, I’ll be back, so don’t worry. In the meantime, check out the Mod Status Hunting Tips below to help you while I’m away (will also post it on the Mod List page before Friday).

Mod Form Info

During my hiatus, the Broken, Compatible, and Updated Mod forms will be closed! The New Mod form will remain open so I can catch up easily with those.

When a new mod is released, please do me a favor and submit it so I can add all of them easily when I return. Please make sure the Mod Name matches the name in the post title for the mod. That way I can use my google sheet function magic to add them quickly.

Mod Status Hunting Tips

All the info I collect for the Mod List is easily found by everyone! Follow these tips:

  • Follow your creators on social media!
    • If you use Twitter, I suggest creating a list and adding all of the creators that you want news from to it. I also highly recommend TweetDeck. You can add your list to a column and exclude retweets.
    • If you follow your creator on Patreon, you’ll receive emails when they post and update their posts (as long as they tick the notify box). You don’t have to become a patron, just click Follow on their Patreon page.
  • A lot of creators have their own Mod Tracker/Status pages for their mods. Check their websites and bookmark those trackers!
  • For mods on ModtheSims, keep an eye on this page (sorts mods by latest update). You can also view your Download History where it shows when the mods you downloaded last received an update.
  • Join creator discords – most creators have an announcement channel where they post their mod news. Also, join these discords for all mod news:


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Taking a break from the Mod List starting Saturday, April 1st until the next Pack Patch to recharge. The New Mod form will remain open, so please use the form when a new mod releases to ensure it’s added to the list when I return.

~Scarlet 🌹


  1. Thank you for everything! Your list has always been incredibly helpful. I hope you have a fantastic and relaxing hiatus. Take care!