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FYI Before Submitting

Before filling out the form, please keep in mind that I do NOT reply to any of the following:

  • Questions about the status of mods
    • Everything I know is already in the list.
  • Mod status reports
    • Use the Mod Report Form. If it’s closed, wait until it’s open.
    • If you’re the creator, please DM me on discord (queen.scarlet) or tag/message me on Twitter or Tumblr. If you send your status through this form, it will be ignored because I have no way of knowing it’s you.
  • Requests for a mod to be added to the list.
    • Use the Submit a Mod form. If it’s closed, wait until it’s open.
  • Questions about why I don’t track a specific modder
  • “Where Can I Find?” questions.
    • Try searching the list or asking in discords that have WCIF channels.
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