Caught Up With The List – A Few Changes In Effective Immediately [READ]

I should be caught up with the list now (at least at the time of writing this lol), and everything should be back up and running! However, before commenting or sending reports make sure to READ my instructions. My rules/guidelines are on every Mod List page under Important Info – Please READ Before Using the List.


  • Comments are re-enabled for posts ONLY. They will remain disabled for pages to hopefully reduce the amount of mod reports that I don’t accept in comments.
  • Report forms are re-opened. Make sure to read the guidelines posted above each of their pages before sending a report.
  • Recent Changes/Updates page removed – It was causing too much confusion, too many people still thinking that was the full mod list. However, you can still find the Latest Changes/Updates in the mod list (just click on the tab).
  • Added a contact page with a contact form for everything NOT related to mods (website issues, feedback, suggestions, etc). Do NOT use this for mod reports.
  • If you send a report for an excluded creator/mod, the report will be removed. So if you notice your report missing from the Submitted Reports here, it means I do not track the creator for one or more of the reasons listed here.
  • Last, but not least – I will no longer be testing every Broken mod report. It’s too tedious and I really don’t have time for it. So, new rules for this:
    • I will trust the initial broken report and list the mod as Broken ONLY if it’s listed as Unknown AND it’s an acceptable report with detailed info.
    • The Broken status for the mod will NOT be removed until confirmed otherwise by the creator OR another modder/someone I trust tests them properly and lets me know. Modders, you can DM or tag me somewhere to let me know if your mod is falsely listed as Broken.
    • If the mod you’re reporting as Broken is listed as Updated or Compatible, you will be forwarded to the creator where you can report it to THEM.

The relevant parts of these changes are also included in Important Info – Please READ Before Using the List and clarified a few more things there as well, so there’s no excuses when people don’t follow these.



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