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Mod List News – February ’23

Schedule Change

The list editing schedule I have now hasn't really been working for me. I usually have a lot of real life things happening on Wednesdays & Fridays. So, the following schedule will go into effect immediately (does not apply to patch weeks):

  • OFF Days: Wednesdays and Sundays - These are my complete days off, so no list edits will be made on these days. Any mod updates posted on these days will not be updated in the list until the following day.
  • Recaps - Recaps will no longer be posted every other day. Instead they will be posted every Saturday between 6pm-8pm Pacific time.
  • Downloadable Mod List Changelogs (Patrons Only) - Changelogs will be released every Tuesday and Saturday. Mod List Changelog posts will automatically go out at 9am Pacific time every Monday. However, the download still won't be available until Tuesday.

Patch week schedule

Recaps and Patron Changelogs will be released everyday from patch day until Saturday (no days off unless necessary).

Important Notes

  • List edits are also not made on most holidays (including birthdays/anniversaries). If a holiday falls on a Saturday, then the recap will be released on the Friday before.
  • Recent Changes/Updates - Since the recaps are now once a week, mods listed in this page will now automatically be reset each Monday at 9am Pacific. Patch weeks it will reset Tuesday - Saturday at 9am.

Submitting Mod Reports

Please use the new Submit Mod Reports page to submit all of your mod reports. Please do NOT send reports through comments or DMs (unless you're the creator), especially broken mod reports. There's too many factors to consider when reporting a mod as broken, the form covers these, so please use it.

I believe that covers everything. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to comment below!

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Recap of Mod List Changes for January 29th-30th + Mod List News

List edits for January 29th-30th are now complete! Mod changes include:

⬆️Updates from JaneSimsten, KawaiiStacie, LittleMsSam, MissyHissy, simsmodelsimmer, and TianaSims.
πŸ†•New mods from midnitetech, MuvaSimmer, ONI, SayHeyyyMsZoey, Scipio Garling, SrslySims, and Tralfaz482.

On a side note - There's going to be a patch tomorrow and I believe it's going to be the big one, so prepare yourselves!

Mod List News

I've removed all of Sacrificial's mods from the list. I will no longer be tracking them, even if they get updated properly. I felt disrespected and blamed with an announcement that was made last night in his discord. I'm not going to post it because I spoke with Onyx about it and it was straightened out. She apologized to me both in private and in the announcement channel.

However, right after the public apology, Sac replied (in the announcement channel, btw) telling her there was nothing wrong with it and that it was professional and respectful. Clearly it wasn't when I felt disrespected from it. It's not just me being overly sensitive about it because other people messaged me about it before I even saw it and thought the same way I did.

So, since he dismissed my feelings and basically negated that apology, his mods are now dismissed from my list. Use them at your own risk.

Onyx, I appreciate that you apologized and tried to make it right and for what it's worth, you did until that reply.

Please do not leave any disrespectful comments about anyone that was involved, here or anywhere else. This will not be progressing any further and I will make no further comments on it. The only reason I explained what happened at all is because I felt that I should give an explanation as to why I'm no longer tracking a modder that doesn't fall into anything listed in the Excluded Mods/Creators list.

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January ’23 News and Info

Maintenance (FINALLY) Complete!

Website Changes Include:

  • New Theme which allows you to toggle between light/dark mode (toggle button in the navigation bar)
  • Comments are now re-enabled for posts and most pages. I disabled them previously because the theme I had before made them look horrible!

If you run into any funkiness with the website or have any questions, feel free to comment below.

Mod List News

Despite my request not to, people continued to share the direct google sheet link on various platforms including Facebook Groups, Reddit, Discords, and Websites. These are just the places I seen for myself, so it's quite possible there were others.

Therefore, it will no longer be shared. Granted people took it down when asked, but I shouldn't have to ask when it was clearly stated on the sheet.

You may wonder "what's the big deal about sharing the google sheet link?", these were my issues with it:

  • I rarely received credit. Hardly any of the posts I saw even bothered to mention my name with the link they shared.
  • It prevented traffic to my website.
  • People new to it didn't read the "Important Info" section that includes info that people need to know before using it. Resulting in more work for me to explain to those that didn't know to read it.

So, now it's only available to view as an embed just as I promised. However, there's two ways you can view the mod list:

  • Filtered Views - Allows you to click the tabs to show only New, Updated, Compatible, Broken, or Obsolete Mods.
  • Sorted Views - Allows you to click the tabs to sort the mods by Mod Name, Creator, Patch Status, or Last Updated. This view does NOT include Obsolete mods from previous patches.

It may even be less confusing for people to use now, since the google sheet itself confused a lot of people.

If you're one of my patrons, nothing changes for you. Patrons will still have access to the google sheet link for each patch just as before.

Other News

Word is there's going to be a patch tomorrow, so prepare yourselves! It's unknown if it's the infant update or not. I believe this one is just bug fixes and the infant update will come later, but that's just my opinion.

Heads up though, I may be slower than usual updating the mod list this week. I tested positive for Covid a few days ago, and my symptoms were worse today. Thankfully, I'm fully vaccinated/boosted though. This is the 2nd time I got Covid (first time was the end of 2020 before the vaccines). So, please bear with me this week!

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SimsVIP Mod List Changelog for November 15th-18th + News/Info

List edits for November 15th-18th are now complete! Mod changes include:

❌Broken mod to remove from Mercuryfoam (reminder from previous patches)
⬆️Updates from baniduhaine, Carl, Ilkavelle, JellyPaws, Littlbowbub, Lumpinou, Mercuryfoam, TURBODRIVER, TwistedMexi, and more!
βœ…Confirmed compatibility from Mercuryfoam.
πŸ†•New mods from Cepzid With Hakrabr & Enkidu.

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SimsVIP Mod List Changelog for September 7th-9th + Important Reminder

**Reminder - Please READ before continuing to the changelog below**

Just a reminder, I don't set mods to compatible unless they're confirmed by the creator. The only exception to this is if I know there were no changes to the tunings the modders used. As a retired modder, I DO know how to check mod compatibility.

If you're having an issue with a mod listed as compatible, you can report it to me and I'll see if I can replicate it. However, you still need to report it to the modder so they can look into and fix it if needed! Also, don't assume that a mod is broken just because it hasn't received an update in a while. Not all mods are susceptible to breaking easily, even for extremely mod breaking patches.

Additionally, I don't list mods as broken for fun or the hell of it. I do it based off reports, sometimes I can test them, sometimes I can't. If a mod is listed as compatible, but reported as broken, I always test it myself. If I agree with the report, I set it to broken. If I can't replicate it, I leave it as compatible until confirmed otherwise from the creator.

I put a lot of time and effort into this list. I take time away from my hobbies to do this. So, when people question statuses I have for mods, it's upsetting and quite frankly insulting to me. It really makes me not want to do this anymore. I mean why should I if people aren't going to trust the accuracy of the list?

Granted a status may be a little behind since I can't maintain the list 24/7. Other than that though, I can always guarantee the following statuses:

  • Compatible (as long as the creator didn't overlook anything)
  • Updated
  • Broken (the ones that say "confirmed" in the notes)

I would like to continue doing this list for the rest of the Sims 4. So, please don't ruin it for me and others that rely on this list.

TLDR: Mod statuses are set based on gathered (and confirmed) information from creators themselves plus broken reports from the community. I don't pull statuses out of thin air and slap them on for the hell of it. Everything is confirmed and double-checked before I set a status for any and all mods. So, please stop questioning the accuracy of the list.

Now that that's out of the way, onto the changelog....

List edits for September 7th-9th are now complete! Mod changes include:

❌Broken/Obsolete mods to remove from Brazen Lotus!
⬆️Updates from Andirz, Brazen Lotus, KiaraSims4Mods, Kuttoe, NeedCoffee4That, and more!
βœ…Confirmed compatibility from Brazen Lotus, ChippedSim, LeRoiDeTout, Rainbow Quartz, TwistedMexi, and more!
πŸ†•New mods from Balkanika, Insimnia, lazarusinashes, Ravasheen, and more!

Note on Brazen Lotus mods - A lot changed with their mods. Files that were required before are now obsolete and new files are now required! Make sure to read the download pages carefully!! See this post for more details!

~Scarlet 🌹

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SimsVIP Mod List Changelog for August 30th + Other News

List edits for August 30th are now complete! Mod changes include:

❌Broken mods to remove from thepancake1/ MizoreYukii, TwistedMexi, weerbesu, and more!
⬆️Updates from KingZace, LittleMsSam, Rheall, weerbesu, and more!
βœ…Confirmed compatibility from a lot of modders! (Patch didn't really break much, mostly just UI mods)
πŸ†•New mods from Kuttoe & thunder1143!

Over the past several weeks I've been making changes to the list! You may have already noticed some of these changes….

List Changes (in Google Sheets) include:

  • Removed the Mod Type column
    • Less columns, less confusion...going back to simple. Since I removed the column I added "Trait", "Aspiration", "Career", etc to numerous Mod Names to show what type they are.
  • Removed New Mods tab.
    • New mods will now be added to the main list at the end of the day! They'll be listed as New in the Mod Status column (until they're updated).
  • Added Programs/Overhauls tab to the Mod List.
  • Changes to Filter Views (Data > Filter Views) include:
    • Added Recent Changes
      • Use this filter if you want to see the most recent status changes made to the list. This is sorted by creator.
    • Added Sort By Update Date
      • Sort mods by Last Known Update, newest to oldest.
    • Removed the "Show only" filters (Aspirations, Careers, Events, Etc.)
      • No point in having it since I removed the Mod Type column.

Other changes:

No longer posting Custom Content updates. It's too time consuming and I'd rather focus on mods. However, I'll still post info on what type of CC is broken and when/if batch fixes are released on the SimsVIP posts.

That's all I can think of for right now. If you have any questions, feel free to ask!

I'm sorry for all these changes, I'm not doing it for the hell of it or out of boredom. Unfortunately, things just end up not flowing or working the way I initially intended it to. It just takes trial & error to see what works best. I promise, we'll get there though!

News & Info

Patch Week Schedule Changes

Hey everyone!

Based on all of the Mod News emails I have, I've decided that my previously set list editing schedule isn't going to cut it for patch weeks. Otherwise, I'll fall to far behind.

New Schedule

  • Patch Weeks: Monday-Friday (possibly Saturday)
  • Non-Patch Weeks: Monday, Wednesday, and Friday
  • No list edits on U.S. Holidays

This goes into effect immediately, so the list will receive updates today.

Take care,

News & Info

New Editing Schedule for the List

Hey friends!

Just wanted to let you all know my new list editing schedule!

From this point on, I will only be updating the SimsVIP Mod List on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays, and Patch Days. Also, list edits will only be made once per day on these scheduled days (anywhere between 2-5pm Pacific Time).

Just a reminder, I spend holidays with my family. Therefore, it should go without saying that list edits will not be made on holidays.

Thank you for understanding!

~Scarlet 🌹