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Returning for Next Patch + Important Changes/Announcements

Hey there everyone! Just wanted to let you know that I'll be returning to the mod list for the next patch, and word is it's coming on Tuesday! I'm happy to say that this hiatus has rejuvenated me, so I'm ready to go! Mod report forms will re-open when the patch arrives.

Mod List Revamp

While I was away I thought of a few changes to implement for the mod list (a couple were already mentioned in my last post):

  • The Mod List is now an interactive table! Check here if you need help on how to use it.
  • The Mod List - Sorted Views page is now removed (No longer needed with the interactive table).
  • The Mod List page is cleaned up. Important Info was moved to Important Info & FAQs.
  • There are no longer Unknown statuses. Any mod that is unknown will just be blank. All mod statuses (except for the ones that are still broken of course) will reset for each patch.
  • New status: Check Mod Link. Any modders that have their own mod tracking pages will have their mods listed as ♦♦ All Mods ♦♦ (which links to their status page) and the status will always be Check Mod Link. Mod news from these creators will be added to the Notes column.
  • Last Known Update column is now Last Status Change. The dates in this column now represent when the mod status was changed in the list. If the update date is known, I'll still list it in the Notes column.
  • I'm no longer doing recaps. It caused too much confusion, unfortunately a lot of people didn't understand what they were and why they couldn't find a mod on it, so it's really not worth me doing anymore. However, you can click on Latest Changes/Updates in the mod list (those would be the same mods that would be listed in the recaps).
  • New mods now need submitted/requested to be tracked. If I come across a new mod, I'll add it. However, I'm no longer going out of my way to find them.

Misinformation Being Spread About Excluded Creators

I came across a LOT of misinformation and assumptions being spread in regards to the excluded creators over the past couple months alone. Someone has even gone as far as making false hurtful accusations against me, like calling me a "bigot" just because I don't track a certain modder. Another thinks I don't track one of the modders because my "feelings got hurt and I'm being petty and insane over it"...

Some of you are creating drama out of nothing and it seriously needs to stop (unless you want to be the reason these Mod Lists stop). So, let's clear some things up

  • Just because I don't track them, doesn't mean I have "personal beef" with them. I have no ill-feelings towards any of them.
    • To be honest, I don't even have ill-feelings towards the disrespectful ones. I don't hold grudges, I move on. However, me moving on includes removing them from my list.
      For those that believe that's petty - Why would I track someone that disrespected me? Why would I take the time to do that for them? That makes no sense to me. I do have my dignity you know and it will not be dropped for anything or anyone, IDGAF who it is.
  • Please stop assuming you know why I don't track someone. I've seen so many guesses and matter-of-fact answers that were ALL wrong. If I removed a creator for being rude/disrespectful, that's between me and that one else. So, please stop dredging it up and assuming you know what happened because most of it isn't even public.
  • ALL except for the permanently banned creators can get back on the list. Whether they do or not is up to them, but I'm all for second chances.
  • I'm not stopping you from using their mods, if you like their mods and never had issues with them, use them I don't care! I simply don't feel comfortable tracking them.

Hopefully, that clears it up for everyone! I'm not publicly linking to these posts or naming the people responsible for them because I'm not going to stoop to their level. If I did that, it'd make me no better than them. However, if it continues to happen, I promise I won't be so nice and mature next time.

So, why don't I just list the excluded creators and squash the assumptions you ask?

I'm not for publicly shaming someone, whether they deserve it or not. Yes, I've regrettably done so in the past, but that's not who I am now. Just because I don’t track them, it doesn’t mean I want them harassed (which would happen if I shared this information)….so please respect my decision on the matter.

Before you bring out your pitch forks, yes there were a couple exceptions...

I've only mentioned CN because his mods will get you banned in nearly all discords. Plus, his mods are so severe and disgusting, that he doesn't deserve discretion.

You may also remember a post I made a few months ago to inform you that I was no longer tracking them because they were disrespectful. I only made the post because at that time, they didn't fall into any of the excluded reasons that I had listed. Once I added "Creators that are rude/disrespectful to me" to the excluded list of reasons, I immediately removed the post because I didn't feel comfortable naming them from the start. I certainly didn't name them to cause drama as some people would like to believe though, I just thought it would be best to give those of you that use their mods the courtesy of an explanation. Clearly, I was wrong.

To Wrap It Up...

You don't have to like or agree with my decisions. However, if you're going to use and benefit from the mod list that I provide for you.....than you can at least be a decent human being and accept my decisions without trash talking me. Otherwise, move on and track your own mods.

I don't work for anyone, I am not anyone's personal mod tracker. This is MY list that I've put MY time and work into and I am more than entitled to not track creators that I don't feel comfortable tracking. Stop turning it into something it's not. Perhaps focus more on the hundreds of creators with thousands of mods that I do track instead of the few I don't.

Thank you,

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STOP! I’m STILL on Hiatus

I feel like I shouldn't have to say this because I thought I made it pretty clear that I'm not returning until the next Stuff, Game, or Expansion pack patch. However, due to recent feedback/messages, apparently I do!

Again, I am on hiatus until the next Stuff, Game, or Expansion pack patch....which yesterday's patch was NOT! If I continue receiving messages demanding my return for each patch, I will not return at all.

Just because I'm on hiatus from the mod list, doesn't mean I don't follow news and know when a patch releases. I knew it was coming about a week in advance. I don't need numerous messages telling me to come back every time a small patch releases.

That said, I did take a little time to patch proof the mod list as much as I could that way you can still use it even when I'm not active. Changes include:

  • There are no longer Unknown statuses. Any mod that is unknown will just be blank. All mod statuses (except for the ones that are still broken of course) are now reset.
  • New status: Check Mod Link. Any modders that have their own mod tracking pages will have their mods listed as ♦♦ All Mods ♦♦ (which links to their status page) and the status will always be Check Mod Link.
  • All Last Known Update dates have been reset (except for mods listed as broken). From now on all dates will be reset for each patch and only be entered when the patch status is listed as Updated. This is to ensure more accuracy even when I'm on a break.
  • Mods that became Obsolete with yesterday's patch are now listed as Obsolete in the list.

These changes are permanent and will help me take breaks when I need to.

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Hiatus Announcement

Hey everyone,

I'm going to take a break from the Mod List starting Saturday, April 1st until the next Stuff, Game, or Expansion Patch (whichever comes first). No, this isn't an April Fool's Joke, I just wanted my last day to be right before the 1st so I can pause Patreon billing before my patrons start getting charged. The last recap will be posted sometime on Friday.

This isn't because of anything anyone has said or done, I just want to make that clear so no one blames anyone.

To be honest, I'm mentally drained and constantly irritable. I don't even recognize myself anymore. I need a serious recharge and some ME time. Unfortunately, I can't just take a week or two off because then I'd have way too much to catch up on which would probably put me right back to my current state.

I didn't come to this decision lightly. I really wanted to tough it out until the end of Sims 4, but there's no end in sight. I really feel awful because I know so many of you rely on this, but I need to put myself first for a little while if I'm going to stick with this until the end of Sims 4.

I promise, I'll be back, so don't worry. In the meantime, check out the Mod Status Hunting Tips below to help you while I'm away (will also post it on the Mod List page before Friday).

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Caught Up With The List – A Few Changes In Effective Immediately [READ]

I should be caught up with the list now (at least at the time of writing this lol), and everything should be back up and running! However, before commenting or sending reports make sure to READ my instructions. My rules/guidelines are on every Mod List page under Important Info – Please READ Before Using the List.


  • Comments are re-enabled for posts ONLY. They will remain disabled for pages to hopefully reduce the amount of mod reports that I don't accept in comments.
  • Report forms are re-opened. Make sure to read the guidelines posted above each of their pages before sending a report.
  • Recent Changes/Updates page removed - It was causing too much confusion, too many people still thinking that was the full mod list. However, you can still find the Latest Changes/Updates in the mod list (just click on the tab).
  • Added a contact page with a contact form for everything NOT related to mods (website issues, feedback, suggestions, etc). Do NOT use this for mod reports.
  • If you send a report for an excluded creator/mod, the report will be removed. So if you notice your report missing from the Submitted Reports here, it means I do not track the creator for one or more of the reasons listed here.
  • Last, but not least - I will no longer be testing every Broken mod report. It's too tedious and I really don't have time for it. So, new rules for this:
    • I will trust the initial broken report and list the mod as Broken ONLY if it's listed as Unknown AND it's an acceptable report with detailed info.
    • The Broken status for the mod will NOT be removed until confirmed otherwise by the creator OR another modder/someone I trust tests them properly and lets me know. Modders, you can DM or tag me somewhere to let me know if your mod is falsely listed as Broken.
    • If the mod you're reporting as Broken is listed as Updated or Compatible, you will be forwarded to the creator where you can report it to THEM.

The relevant parts of these changes are also included in Important Info – Please READ Before Using the List and clarified a few more things there as well, so there's no excuses when people don't follow these.

Mod List RecapNews & Info

Mod List Recap for March 16th + Request from me

List edits for March 16th are now complete! Mod changes include:

Broken/Obsolete mods to remove from adeepindigo, BosseladyTV, Cepzid / Paulson, IlexSims, Mercuryfoam, and TURBODRIVER, and more!

Confirmed compatibility from Awwoo56709, KiaraSims4Mods, NeedCoffee4That, Robin, scumbumbo Team, Somik and Severinka, TheFoodGroup (aka icemunmun, forgot to include it in yesterday's recap), WICKED PIXXEL, and more!

⬆️Updates from Brazen Lotus, Dskecht, LittleMsSam, Lumpinou, Mirai, Raesthetic (tjadea), rainbow quartz, Serra (xosdr), Simmiller, softerhaze, thepancake1 and MizoreYukii, TwistedMexi, Zafireria, Zerbu, and more!

🆕New mods from BrickLion.

News & Info

Upcoming Patch & Site/List Info

Upcoming Patch Info

As you more than likely already know, the Infant/Growing Together patch arrives on Tuesday, March 14th! This is going to be a mod (and probably even some CC) breaking patch. EP patches are always mod/cc breaking and with the new infant life stage on top of that, it's going to be pretty bad for mods.

As soon as the patch drops, I will compare the tunings so I can determine which type of mods are broken. So, keep an eye on the Mod List page for this info after the patch releases.

News & Info

Mod List News – February ’23

Schedule Change

The list editing schedule I have now hasn't really been working for me. I usually have a lot of real life things happening on Wednesdays & Fridays. So, the following schedule will go into effect immediately (does not apply to patch weeks):

  • OFF Days: Wednesdays and Sundays - These are my complete days off, so no list edits will be made on these days. Any mod updates posted on these days will not be updated in the list until the following day.
  • Recaps - Recaps will no longer be posted every other day. Instead they will be posted every Saturday between 6pm-8pm Pacific time.
  • Downloadable Mod List Changelogs (Patrons Only) - Changelogs will be released every Tuesday and Saturday. Mod List Changelog posts will automatically go out at 9am Pacific time every Monday. However, the download still won't be available until Tuesday.

Patch week schedule

Recaps and Patron Changelogs will be released everyday from patch day until Saturday (no days off unless necessary).

Important Notes

  • List edits are also not made on most holidays (including birthdays/anniversaries). If a holiday falls on a Saturday, then the recap will be released on the Friday before.
  • Recent Changes/Updates - Since the recaps are now once a week, mods listed in this page will now automatically be reset each Monday at 8am Pacific. Patch weeks it will reset Tuesday - Saturday at 8am.

Submitting Mod Reports

Please use the new Submit Mod Reports page to submit all of your mod reports. Please do NOT send reports through comments or DMs (unless you're the creator), especially broken mod reports. There's too many factors to consider when reporting a mod as broken, the form covers these, so please use it.

I believe that covers everything. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to comment below!

Mod List ChangesMod List RecapNews & Info

Recap of Mod List Changes for January 29th-30th + Mod List News

List edits for January 29th-30th are now complete! Mod changes include:

⬆️Updates from JaneSimsten, KawaiiStacie, LittleMsSam, MissyHissy, simsmodelsimmer, and TianaSims.
🆕New mods from midnitetech, MuvaSimmer, ONI, SayHeyyyMsZoey, Scipio Garling, SrslySims, and Tralfaz482.

On a side note - There's going to be a patch tomorrow and I believe it's going to be the big one, so prepare yourselves!

Mod List News

I've removed all of Sacrificial's mods from the list. I will no longer be tracking them, even if they get updated properly. I felt disrespected and blamed with an announcement that was made last night in his discord. I'm not going to post it because I spoke with Onyx about it and it was straightened out. She apologized to me both in private and in the announcement channel.

However, right after the public apology, Sac replied (in the announcement channel, btw) telling her there was nothing wrong with it and that it was professional and respectful. Clearly it wasn't when I felt disrespected from it. It's not just me being overly sensitive about it because other people messaged me about it before I even saw it and thought the same way I did.

So, since he dismissed my feelings and basically negated that apology, his mods are now dismissed from my list. Use them at your own risk.

Onyx, I appreciate that you apologized and tried to make it right and for what it's worth, you did until that reply.

Please do not leave any disrespectful comments about anyone that was involved, here or anywhere else. This will not be progressing any further and I will make no further comments on it. The only reason I explained what happened at all is because I felt that I should give an explanation as to why I'm no longer tracking a modder that doesn't fall into anything listed in the Excluded Mods/Creators list.

Mod List ChangesNews & Info

January ’23 News and Info

Maintenance (FINALLY) Complete!

Website Changes Include:

  • New Theme which allows you to toggle between light/dark mode (toggle button in the navigation bar)
  • Comments are now re-enabled for posts and most pages. I disabled them previously because the theme I had before made them look horrible!

If you run into any funkiness with the website or have any questions, feel free to comment below.

Mod List News

Despite my request not to, people continued to share the direct google sheet link on various platforms including Facebook Groups, Reddit, Discords, and Websites. These are just the places I seen for myself, so it's quite possible there were others.

Therefore, it will no longer be shared. Granted people took it down when asked, but I shouldn't have to ask when it was clearly stated on the sheet.

You may wonder "what's the big deal about sharing the google sheet link?", these were my issues with it:

  • I rarely received credit. Hardly any of the posts I saw even bothered to mention my name with the link they shared.
  • It prevented traffic to my website.
  • People new to it didn't read the "Important Info" section that includes info that people need to know before using it. Resulting in more work for me to explain to those that didn't know to read it.

So, now it's only available to view as an embed just as I promised. However, there's two ways you can view the mod list:

  • Filtered Views - Allows you to click the tabs to show only Latest Changes/Updates, New, Updated, Compatible, Broken, or Obsolete Mods.
  • Sorted Views - Allows you to click the tabs to sort the mods by Mod Name, Creator, or Patch Status. This view does NOT include Obsolete mods from previous patches.

It may even be less confusing for people to use now, since the google sheet itself confused a lot of people.

If you're one of my patrons, nothing changes for you. Patrons will still have access to the google sheet link for each patch just as before.

Other News

Word is there's going to be a patch tomorrow, so prepare yourselves! It's unknown if it's the infant update or not. I believe this one is just bug fixes and the infant update will come later, but that's just my opinion.

Heads up though, I may be slower than usual updating the mod list this week. I tested positive for Covid a few days ago, and my symptoms were worse today. Thankfully, I'm fully vaccinated/boosted though. This is the 2nd time I got Covid (first time was the end of 2020 before the vaccines). So, please bear with me this week!