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Recap of Mod List Changes for January 29th-30th + Mod List News

List edits for January 29th-30th are now complete! Mod changes include:

⬆️Updates from JaneSimsten, KawaiiStacie, LittleMsSam, MissyHissy, simsmodelsimmer, and TianaSims.
🆕New mods from midnitetech, MuvaSimmer, ONI, SayHeyyyMsZoey, Scipio Garling, SrslySims, and Tralfaz482.

On a side note - There's going to be a patch tomorrow and I believe it's going to be the big one, so prepare yourselves!

Mod List News

I've removed all of Sacrificial's mods from the list. I will no longer be tracking them, even if they get updated properly. I felt disrespected and blamed with an announcement that was made last night in his discord. I'm not going to post it because I spoke with Onyx about it and it was straightened out. She apologized to me both in private and in the announcement channel.

However, right after the public apology, Sac replied (in the announcement channel, btw) telling her there was nothing wrong with it and that it was professional and respectful. Clearly it wasn't when I felt disrespected from it. It's not just me being overly sensitive about it because other people messaged me about it before I even saw it and thought the same way I did.

So, since he dismissed my feelings and basically negated that apology, his mods are now dismissed from my list. Use them at your own risk.

Onyx, I appreciate that you apologized and tried to make it right and for what it's worth, you did until that reply.

Please do not leave any disrespectful comments about anyone that was involved, here or anywhere else. This will not be progressing any further and I will make no further comments on it. The only reason I explained what happened at all is because I felt that I should give an explanation as to why I'm no longer tracking a modder that doesn't fall into anything listed in the Excluded Mods/Creators list.

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January ’23 News and Info

Maintenance (FINALLY) Complete!

Website Changes Include:

  • New Theme which allows you to toggle between light/dark mode (toggle button in the navigation bar)
  • Comments are now re-enabled for posts and most pages. I disabled them previously because the theme I had before made them look horrible!

If you run into any funkiness with the website or have any questions, feel free to comment below.

Mod List News

Despite my request not to, people continued to share the direct google sheet link on various platforms including Facebook Groups, Reddit, Discords, and Websites. These are just the places I seen for myself, so it's quite possible there were others.

Therefore, it will no longer be shared. Granted people took it down when asked, but I shouldn't have to ask when it was clearly stated on the sheet.

You may wonder "what's the big deal about sharing the google sheet link?", these were my issues with it:

  • I rarely received credit. Hardly any of the posts I saw even bothered to mention my name with the link they shared.
  • It prevented traffic to my website.
  • People new to it didn't read the "Important Info" section that includes info that people need to know before using it. Resulting in more work for me to explain to those that didn't know to read it.

So, now it's only available to view as an embed just as I promised. However, there's two ways you can view the mod list:

  • Filtered Views - Allows you to click the tabs to show only Latest Changes/Updates, New, Updated, Compatible, Broken, or Obsolete Mods.
  • Sorted Views - Allows you to click the tabs to sort the mods by Mod Name, Creator, or Patch Status. This view does NOT include Obsolete mods from previous patches.

It may even be less confusing for people to use now, since the google sheet itself confused a lot of people.

If you're one of my patrons, nothing changes for you. Patrons will still have access to the google sheet link for each patch just as before.

Other News

Word is there's going to be a patch tomorrow, so prepare yourselves! It's unknown if it's the infant update or not. I believe this one is just bug fixes and the infant update will come later, but that's just my opinion.

Heads up though, I may be slower than usual updating the mod list this week. I tested positive for Covid a few days ago, and my symptoms were worse today. Thankfully, I'm fully vaccinated/boosted though. This is the 2nd time I got Covid (first time was the end of 2020 before the vaccines). So, please bear with me this week!

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Scarlet’s Realm Now Open!

Hey there everyone! I opened this website so I could post new content more easily and keep you informed with everything including:

  • SimsVIP Mod List News:
  • New Custom Content (Coming Soon...):
    • Custom Hair - My mesh skills are improving!
    • Objects - Maybe some collections
    • Recolors
    • Maybe more!

I am still retired from creating mods! However creating CC is much more fun for me and I won't have to keep them maintained like mods.

Changes to the Mod List

One small change I made today:

  • New Patch Status: Needs Updated
    • Confirmed safe to use, but requires an update.

Basically what this means is that it's ok to use, it just needs a small update for the patch. However, it's not enough to hurt your game.