SimsVIP Mod List Changes for June 16th


SimsVIP Mod List News – Due to heavy traffic, some tools for the spreadsheet aren’t working for me while I’m editing:

So, unfortunately during patch weeks when it’s the busiest I may have to disable viewing the list in Google Sheets while I’m editing. However, it WILL be accessible when I’m not editing and the list is also embedded in the SimsVIP Broken/Updated post (current one is always linked here). This will go into effect tomorrow.

Now onto the changes for today…..

List edits for June 16th are now complete! Mod changes include:

⬆️Updates from ChippedSim, MuvaSimmer, TwistedMexi, simmytime, and more!
Confirmed compatibility from ChippedSim, Peridot Sims, and QMBiBi!
🆕New mod to check out!


Full list with links to each mod here (sorted by creator)⤵️

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