I’m Scarlet! I do the Broken/Updated Mod lists over at SimsVIP!

I’ve been playing The Sims series since 2000 when the first one was released. I started modding in Sims 2 and continued to do so for Sims 3 and Sims 4. However, I retired from modding in March 2021.

Although I am retired from modding, I am starting a new adventure: Custom Content (hairs, objects, recolors, etc.)! So, look out for my new content in the near future.

What is the SimsVIP Broken/Updated Mod List?

It’s a status list for ALL currently supported mods around the community that I track. I also keep track of mods that receive updates and confirmed compatible for (and between) patches. These lists are hosted on SimsVIP.

Mod List Updates

List of mods that received a Patch Status change today, this gets updated as I change them in the SimsVIP Mod list. Check daily because the changes will only be viewable until the next day.